Rollbar in the boxHello everyone thank you for tuning into the Charlie Mike Project. Today I will be reviewing the Rollbar sunglasses by ESS. The Rollbar sunglasses are black full frame sunglasses, rectangular shape with flat temple arms. Dark tented lenses interchangeable lenses. Subdued “ESS” logo. Retail Price: $140. Replacement lenses $25 – $30 and $75 for polarized. Rx Inserts are not available. I have worn and used ESS glasses for duty and off duty for the past several years. I have had these glasses since January 2015 and have found them to be very comfortable. They are designed for a medium to large head. The glasses do sit a little low on my face rest on my cheeks and don’t quite touch my nose. When I sweat the bottoms fog and collect condensation. On a person with a larger head or longer face this should not be an issue. The temples very comfortable when worn with a hat, helmet and for extended periods under hearing protection. The temples are flat and allow for a full seal with over the ear hearing protection. ESS states, states, “The battle-tough “Rollbar. TM” exceeds U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-32432 & ANSI Z87.1-2010”. They are tough and have survived being dropped, kicked, stepped on and knocked off during an arrest. The pair I tested came with a hard case, cleaning cloth, lens bag, retention strap and a set of clear, copper and smoke lenses. The copper lenses are excellent for range use. Rollbar_LensExchange_451x280 The Rollbar comes with interchangeable lenses and features a simple locking system. When you want to change the lens simply grab the temple and close the glasses half way. This unlocked the lens and allows you to quickly change lenses to your need. The ESS Rollbar system allowing the lens to be changes in seconds without having to pry and flex the frame or lens as with other brands. The interchangeable lenses are a major advantage. The Rollbar is a fill frame sunglass that still allows for easy changing of lenses. If the lens is damages, I can now simply order a new set from ESS. The lenses can be switched in less than a minute. I can now carry one set of glasses and simply swap lenses instead of carrying multiple pairs, taking up weight, space and spending money. Compared to other brands of sunglasses I believe Rollbar is worth the money. $140 is not something to laugh at, but ESS definitely provides a quality product. If the lenses are damaged you can simply replace them for $25, instead of having a paperweight or giving them away to your kid.

ESS Rollbar













  • Cost
  • Replacement lense availability
  • Durability


  • Size
  • No replacement
  • no anti-fig coating

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