We don't teach "DT"

We believe there are many times when the best defense is an even better offense. This is why we teach combatives and not ‘defensive’ tactics. If you wait for the aggressor to make the first move every time you’re always starting the fight at a disadvantage. Rally Point Alpha is dedicated to giving our customers the best possible training we can develop. We designed Mission Ready Combatives to be the perfect system.

Dojo style training in our entire system

Mission Ready Combatives is an entire system just like any martial art. We have levels of expertise that we call tiers and each one expands on the foundations of the system and pushes its limits. These include ground fighting, edged weapons, improvised weapons, firearms retention and disarming. You can train as part of your agency or on your own with us.

Own the situation, each time, every time

We teach you how to control every situation as often as possible from detecting all the visual queues and warning signs to winning the battle with command presence before you ever go hands on. Then we give you the confidence to know that you can handle it should the need arise. You’ll learn how to take care of business and be comfortable¬†‘cooking in the kitchen’.

Our instructors live it

All of our instructors have real world experience and knowledge that they bring to every class. They are all officers, soldiers, marines, etc. and have been in and used combat tactics to survive and win their engagements. Most importantly they know how to teach you everything they know so you can obtain that same level of confidence.

We support you ...

We can certify your agency instructors in the system at tier one levels and allow you to take over Mission Ready in house. Then we can give you all of the tools you’ll need to run all training and keep officer skills at their maximum. The system is a living breathing thing that changes as case law changes so we keep you up to date on all of the latest developments. We even support you with court testimony and expert opinions when needed.

Mission Ready Combatives is very different than anything else available at this time. This system is unlike most systems because our system was designed for Law Enforcement Personnel by Law Enforcement Officers and Instructors. Our system has been vetted through lessons learned in real life encounters and tested through scenario based training. It has been proven effective in countless violent encounters. It is adaptable and flexible to changing needs. Our system relies on human natures natural self-defense skills and builds on those by focusing on fighting concepts and not on specific technique based training.

The goal of the Rally Point Alpha Combatives System is the development of Interpersonal Combat Skills for each individual Sworn or Detention officer. The system relies on tactics and concepts that are realistic, sustainable and trainable and increase from basic through advanced skill levels.

The training system is designed to give the students the necessary physical and mental tools to deal with everything from suspect control through defending against violent attacks. This is a functional system that allows each student to use their natural instincts and skills and to be flexible in the amount of force needed to contain any situation.

This training system consists of a FOUR training TIER’s which are used to identify a specific block of training. The TIER’s are designed to progressively develop physical skills and tools the student needs to deal with multiple situations and environment’s they may encounter.

Tier 1 of the system is currently approved for AZPOST credit hours (8 hrs.)

Entry level training block requires proficiency in basic concepts, skills and techniques with a basic understanding of levels of force. It includes Offensive and Defensive skills and Subject Control Tactics.

This is Follow-up Training to TIER I. It builds on the basic skills with introduction to intermediate combat skills. It continues with Offensive and Defensive skill development and includes further Subject control tactics along with introducing Multiple Assailants, Takedown Defense and Ground Fighting Skills.

This is continued development of skills from TIER I and II and introduces more advanced ground fighting skills, Edged weapon defense skills and use of Impact weapons.

This is an advanced level building on the lower level skills and introducing advanced fighting concepts and tactics including ballistic weapons, weapon retention and use of edged weapons. This advanced level includes CQB firearms training in combination with empty hand and armed combative skills, to include pistols and long-guns. Those skills include carrying and using a personal firearm, and basic structure and room clearing techniques.

Tier 1 – Summary

Section 1 – Fundamentals

  • Use of Force
  • Legal Issues/Case Law
  • Target areas of the body
  • Mindset
  • Warrior Stance & Movement

Section 2 – Offensive Skills

  • Force Matrix
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Weight Transfer
  • Range/Distance/Timing
  • Telegraphing
  • Force Delivery
    • Striking
    • Elbows
    • Knees

Section 3 – Defensive Skills

  • 3 Phases of a Violent Encounter
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Reaction Time and Distance
  • Visual Acuity
  • Positions of Advantage
  • Reactive Cage
  • “Alpha” Position

Section 4 – Subject Control

  • Compliance vs. Resistance & Aggression
  • Escort & Control Holds
  • Takedowns
  • Escalation/De-escalation of Force
  • Frisk & Search
  • Handcuffing

Interested yet?

Reach out to us and let’s work together to get you or your agency the training you need.

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