IMG_1401Hello everyone thank you for checking out the Charlie Mike Project.  Today will be reviewing the RX350 Knife by Coast.  The RX350 is a blade assist liner lock folder, measuring 8.5in overall and weighing in at 5.4oz.  It has a nylon handle and is available in black with red accents.   The blade is made of 7CR17 stainless steel and is 3.625in ling with a partially serrated blade.  The RX350 comes with a blade lock that is very nice and easy to operate.  The pocket clip is movable to three different positions or can be removed entirely without causing a functionality issue.  The retail price for this knife is $34.99.


I have had this knife since Shot Show 2015.  This knife just feels good.  This knife is by no means a small gentleman’s pocket knife.  It is a rather a hefty working horse.  The balance is where I like it.  When open the balance is just behind my index finger.  This allows for good forward movement with quick reverses and follow-ups.   The knife is solid and weighted well.  It supports my hand during blunt impacts and does not slip.  The handle and spine are contoured and prevent my hand from slipping onto the blade when thrusting and cutting.  The blade is a flat ground leaf-shape with one inch of serration.  It is very sharp but does not take the hair off my arm.  But, I don’t plan on shaving with it so it really does not need to.  The RX350 has held its edge and finish despite being abused daily and being used to cut everything from cardboard and tape to bags of concreate, kydex, rope, leather and a seatbelt.

The RX350 has replaced the CRTK that I had been carrying since 2007.  The CRTK actually came open in my pocket one time.  Not a good day!  I wasn’t too worried, as a tac-medic in know all bleeding eventually stops.  Luckily, the boys are intact and I don’t have any major scars.  I did have to replace my jeans, for various reasons.

The RX350 blade assist is very nice, and operates smoothly.  When intentionally operated the blade comes out quickly.  The lock prevents the blade from accidently opening.  The lock also prevents accidental closing even when the liner lock is accidently disengaged.  There is s ambidextrous stud on the spine of the blade that assists with opening.  The blade opens easily with my left or right hand.  The blade assist is made up of a spring arm and a roller baring that act like a cam.  This provides tension holding the blade closed and makes for a very fast open.

IMG_1399The knife is available only in black and with a partially serrated blade.  There are some nice red accents that add to the aesthetics of the overall look.  Besides the things I already mentioned this blade does not have any accessories like a glass breaker or seat belt cutter.  I am a big believer in “one tool, multiple uses.”  Despite this I really like the RX350 and at $35 it is a great buy.

This knife is great for on or off duty carry.  It would make a great gift for the officer in your life, just don’t forget to include a penny when you give the knife to someone.

The RX350 passes the Charlie Mike test.  I can depend on the RX350 to get me through the mission.

If you would like to learn more about the RX350 you can find it and other Coast products at








Durability/Edge Retention





  • Comfortable in hand
  • Multiple position pocket clip
  • Blade lock
  • Well balanced


  • Does not have a glass breaker or other tool.

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