IMG_1271Hello everyone thank you for tuning into the Charlie Mike Project.  I will be reviewing the Nemesis knife by Ravencrest Tactical.

The Nemesis is a Double Action, Out The Front (OTF) knife.  It has a 440c stainless steel blade and a rubberized zonk alloy handle.  The blade is 3.9in with a weight of 9.17oz.  The Nemesis is equipped with a glass breaker and pocket clip.  The clip is reversible for left handed users.  The blades are interchangeable and can be swapped if you want a different design or style.  Personally, I prefer a non-serrated double edge spear point on a OTF knife.  The OTF knives from Ravencrest Tactical have a safety feature that stops the blade from fully deploying if it is obstructed.  The blade also requires deliberate pressure to activate it.  These are nice features.  I have had a few knives come open in my pocket.  That was not a good day!  If you have shared a similar experience you understand my fear and concern.

The Nemesis by Ravencrest Tactical retails at $189 and can be more if you want to customize it.  Ravencrest tactical also offer two other styles of full size OTF knives.

IMG_1384I have been using and carrying the OTF Nemesis for several months.  The one I have is called “Slime Green,” and also “Zombie Green.”  I have to say, so far I like it. It is very comfortable in the hand and has a good weight.  It feels solid, the rubberized handle provides grip.  It is a rear heavy knife with the balance being near the center of the handle when the blade is deployed.  The weight and length of the handle make it easily usable for nonlethal self-defense similar to a kubaton. The color is nice too.  It is not a bright neon green but a muted and muddied green similar to baby poop.  The two tone matte black finish and design work on the blade is attractive.

IMG_1385This knife is not a shelf decorator.  The Nemesis has held up and only has a few spots where the paint on the handle has worn down.  The action is still smooth and easy.  The Nemesis is sharp as the dickens and needed no additional sharpening when I received it.

The Nemesis is comparable to other knives of a similar design and function like a Microtech or the Benchmade 3320BK Pagan.  The Nemesis is between $60-$250 less than these other knives and does not sacrifice quality, materials or craftsmanship.  If you want a cheap OTF knife you can find them online for under $50.  But, I would not count on them to hold up to the “bet your life on it” CMP standard.

I know I can Charlie Mike with this knife in hand or on my gear.

If you want more information about the Nemesis or would like to buy one, please visit  They have several good videos of the Nemesis being tortured and offer two other styles of full size OTF knives.

Ravencrest Tactical Nemesis








Durability/Edge Retention





  • Comfortable in hand
  • Comes with glass breaker
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • Comes with a case


  • Weight distribution is toward the back

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