HP7RHello everyone thank you for checking out the Charlie Mike Project.  I have the pleasure of reviewing the HP7R flashlight by Coast.

The HP7R retails for $146.99.  This is well worth the price considering everything included with it and is much less than comparable flashlights.  When I first got the HP7R the retail price was closer to $200.  In the last year Coast has been able to drop the price considerably without sacrificing quality.

Where to start?  I ran into Coast while at a training and again at Shot Show. When I was talking to the rep I realized I had purchased a Coast light several years ago.  I have a head lamp that I bought back in 2001 that still works like new.  It is the older version of the HL27.   I have been using the HP7 series lights for over a year for duty.  They are my go-to light.  I use them on a daily basis when working the swing or night shift, doing projects at home or just taking a nighttime walk with the family.  They are great for search warrants, clearing a house or alley or when working under the sink or in the attic.  I know I can rely on this light to do what it is designed to do and do what I need it to do when I need it to do it.  I accidentally dropped my HP7R from my attic onto the concreate floor of my garage.  It works perfectly and there was not a scratch on it.

IMG_3253-300x200Here is a quick description of the HP7R.  The HP7R is a rechargeable long distance focusing beam flashlight.  It comes in black and has a pushbutton tail cap.  It weighs a nice 7.2 OZ and is just over 6 inches long.  The light features high and low output, strobe and one handed beam focus and lock.

The HP7R is by far a step above the HP7 and other rechargeable flashlights on the market.  The HP series include lots of useful accessories that other companies make you pay extra to get, see below.  It doesn’t weigh too much and fits easily in the included pouch on my duty belt and tactical vest.  The light is easy to use and operate with one hand.  It is comfortable and does not slip even when wet.  It feels solid in the hand and is easily usable with different shooting techniques.  The strobe frequency varies so the person caught in the beam is more disoriented and does not recover as fast.  From personal experience the strobe from the HP7 & HP7R are very uncomfortable and disorienting.

downloadThe rechargeable batteries and battery pack are wonderful.  I keep the extra AAA battery and Li-ion pack in my duty bag on the passenger seat.  The rechargeable batteries can charge in the flashlight or on their own with the included UBS cord.  The battery fully charges in just about an hour from the wall or car charger.  Charging from a USB port will take considerably longer.  Changing the battery takes a couple of seconds and is easy.  The charging port on the tail cap locks so it does not accidently come open.

Coast boasts a hefty 7 hours of runtime on high beam using the Li-ion batteries and 33 hours on low.  I found my li-ion batteries to run just over 8 hours on a full charge using the high beam.  The flashlight did not die and become a brick out after 8 hours.  Instead the HP7R simply switched to a lower power setting allowing me to still use the light.  This is a great advantage over other rechargeable lights like the Streamlight Stinger which offers a limited 1.25 hours of runtime on high beam.  Also, you can’t focus the stinger.

The HP7 series are extremely durable.  Coast states the HP7R is rated at ANSI/FL1 standard.  My HP7 was kicked, dropped and run over by a car, all in one evening.  Minus the battle scars it now has it still works like new.  As I stated above my HP7R took a high fall bouncing off some rafters than fell from over twelve feet, landing on concreate and is fine.

GFHZRVXPWVC122EISWI339The current HP7R beam is rated to reach 1154 feet. That is just short of one quarter mile.  The light is bright and being able to focus the beam is extremely helpful.  Searching a wide area or long distance is easy with the focusing beam.  I can eliminate hotspots even for close up work simply by focusing the beam.  The light is clear white and does not have haloing or discoloration.

The HP7R comes in a nice display/gift box.  The box is great for keeping all the trash and paper together before you throw it out.  No seriously, if you are giving or receiving the HP7R as a gift the presentation box is very nice.  The HP7R comes with a nylon case, a USB charging cord, wall charger, car charger, belt clip and a wall or car mount.  It also included two li-ion rechargeable batteries and one AAA battery pack.

The only drawback I have found with the HP7 series is that Coast does not make a weapon mount or pressure switch for this light.   Don’t worry; Coast does make a weapon mounted light.

When things go south fast, I know I can Charlie Mike with the HP7R.

If you like the HP7R check out my other reviews of Coast products or visit them online at www.coastportland.com.

Coast HP7R


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