Blade-Tech WRS Level 2 Duty Holster with Tac-Light

Blade-Tech WRS Level 2 Duty Holster with Tac-Light

opplanet-blade-tech-wrs-tac-light-hols-lev-2-rh-thigh-rig-sig-226r-bt001958143826-mainHello, today the Charlie Mike Project shares its review of the WRS Level 2 Duty Holster with Tac-Light.  I have been a long time user of Blade-Tech and was really looking forward to trying out the WRS Level 2 Holster.

The WRS Level 2 Duty Holster with Tac-Light is a black thermoplastic molded duty holster.  The one I received was level 2 retention with spring-loaded thumb release for a Glock-17.  It included a drop down leg shroud for tactical use and included a quick attachment system to a duty belt or leg shroud.  The holster retails for $124.99 from Blade-Tech.  The price is comparable with other tac-holsters on the market.

Like most things Blade-Tech makes, this holster is very attractive.  It has clean lines, a satin black finish and all edges are finished nicely.  The WRS has a satin, slightly smooth finish that allows a good grip when donning and doffing the holster.  The holster material is light weight, while being structurally strong and does not feel flimsy.  The edges are finished and matched nicely with no rough edges. The thumb release is firm with a crisp fast release.  I like this thumb break!  It is fast, very fast and locking the weapon in simply requires rotating the hood back in place.  The Thermoplastic is very durable and resists rough wear, scratches, the environment and chemicals easily.  It was easily cleaned with water, dish soap and a rag.

I found the WRS holster to be comfortable, even on long days at the range and on duty.  The adjustment system was easy and fast.  The leg shroud was somewhat rigid and would benefit from molding or shaping to better fit the leg.  The straps were not as strong as I expected but were adequate for the occasional user.

The draw and re-holster was easy.   The thumb release was easy to operate and very quick.  The WRS is much faster than the traditional releases used by other manufacturers (ie. press down and rotate forward).  The WRS system is intuitive and quick.  Locking the weapon in the holster was easy.  This is where I began to notice a problem.  I will explain more below (see Retention).

The WRS holster is user friendly when adjusting the tension and position on your leg.  WRS was easy to adjust and put on.  Once positioned correctly the draw is natural.  The included leg shroud was too ridged and did not conform to the shape of the leg.  Adjusting the retention of the holster was causing another issue.  I will explain more below (see Retention).

Retention on the WRS is a molded adjustable pressure system that holds the light with an aditional thumb release strap.  Tension is adjustable by two tensioning screw located near the light and trigger guard.  Tension adjustment was adequate and allowed for varying degrees of retention.  However, retention was only on the light and not on the weapon.  There is no actual retention on the weapon.  This allowed the pistol to rock forward in the holster if the tension was not tight enough.  If the tension was set tight enough to prevent rocking, the weapon became difficult to draw and holster and caused problems with the WRS mechanism releasing.

5-1If the tension is set tight enough to prevent rocking, the WRS system lags.  I found that I had almost a three second delay on some draws.  That is a serious officer safety concern!  If I pressed the weapon down impractically hard when holstering and drawing the lag decreased but did not go away.  The problem was caused by the tension on the light preventing me from holstering the weapon all the way into the holster.  I could not find a happy medium that allowed for a good seat of the weapon and prevented the thumb break lag.

Another problem I found was that you simply cannot holster your weapon without the light on it.  If you try the weapon will simply flop around and fall out.  When I first received the holster and noticed this problem I thought that Blade-Tech had accidently sent me the wrong holster.  I had received the holster for the Glock-17, but my Glock -21 fit perfectly. I spoke with my contact at Blade-Tech and was told I had received the correct holster and that the WRS is designed not to touch the weapon.

Officer Safety and Agency policy:

My agency police precludes using this holster.  Retention must be on the weapon system and not only on an accessory attached to the weapon.  Blade-Tech has added a retention strap and made this a “level 2” holster.  Check your agency police if you are using this holster.

The thumb break over the weapon would lag and stall after the thumb release was pressed.  No upward pressure was being applied to the weapon.  The weapon itself was not being toughed at all.  This happened several times and will cause a safety issue.

Overall the WRS was light and comfortable.  The leg shroud sits on the thigh but is very rigid and does not flex easily.  The straps feel flimsy and do not have enough heft to pull the shroud snuggly around the leg.  The holster   material and finish is top notch and of a quality expected from Blade-Tech.  As a long time user of Blade-Tech products, I am pleased with the performance of the Eclipse OWB despite some issues and agency police limitations.

Honestly, unless Blade-Tech makes some serious design changes to the WRS, I would not recommend the WRS Level 2 Duty Holster with Tac-light to officers.

The retention system causes too many safety concerns for me.  And if my light breaks or comes off for some reason I cannot holster my pistol.  If that happens, I now have a useless brick on my hip and no place to holster my weapon.

I would recommend this holster to the casual and sports user but not for LE or Military applications.

I sent my suggestions and concerns to the Blade-Tech, but I have not seen a change in the  WRS Level 2 Duty Holster with Tac-light.

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The 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier.

The 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier.

1Hello all, and welcome as the Charlie Mike Project reviews the TacTec Plate Carrier, by 5.11.

TacTec Plate Carrier is a plate carrier system with a weight distributing yoke and a quick release system.   It has a laser cut top with admin pocket, traditional molle lower and adjustable elastic sides.  The yoke, internal padding and elastic sides make this carrier one of the most comfortable I have worn.  It is available in four colors.  The one I have is black.  I have it set up as my active shooter vest with my level four plates, my IFAK and a trauma kit for patching bullet holes (I’m an EMT/Tac-Medic) and some other IMG_1379essential items.  All I need to do to b quickly, is simply slip it over my head and pull it down than grab my rifle and I’m ready to Sheepdog.

The TacTec Plate Carrier retails for $199.95. That is a good price considering what other plate carrier of similar quality will cost you.  The TacTec is well built the material is nice and stitching is strong.  The elastic on the sides is a good quality and has even begun to show signs of wearing out after over a year of use.

IMG_1381I found two minor issues with this plate carrier and this is how I fixed one of them.  First, the laser cut material is nice at first, but after a while the plastic material on the back delaminates and the cloth on the front deforms slightly.  This is only cosmetic and does not affect the performance of the carrier.  Second.  The lower half of the vest is held down only by three Velcro straps that attach to the underside of the carrier.  Also the molle is only attached to the first layer of fabric making up the front panel.  I usually run with a holster on my vest.  Because the bottom is not held down to the vest, the lower half has a tendency to pull up when I draw my weapon or a magazine.  I fixed this by sewing (yes, I sew) some hook Velcro to IMG_1380the underside of the panel and adding some loop Velcro to the elastic strap handles.  Now the panel sits snuggly and does not move.

The Charlie Mike Project gives full confidence in the TacTec Plate Carrier.  Despite the minor short comings mentioned above this plate carrier performs and is reliable.

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5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit.

5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit.

511-59505_1Hello everyone, the Charlie Mike Project is here to share another product review.  Today I will be reviewing the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit.  I have been using this belt system for the last six months.  I can say I am not disappointed.  5.11 have delivered with this belt kit.  It is comfortable, easily adjustable, fits well and locks securely.  When worn with the included under-belt it does not slip and your pouches do not slide around.  It also comes with four keepers.  The Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit retails for $54.99.  That is an outstanding price when compared to $112 for the Bianchi nylon duty belt system 2025.  You can pay close to $54 for a descent duty belt by its self.

The Sierra Bravo Duty Belt has soft loop Velcro on the underside of the duty belt, so you wonNY672_BLK_1500_1’t snag your uniform.  Both ends of the belt are tapered so putting your pouches on and making adjustments is easy.  The buckle is smaller than traditional buckles and goes on by sliding the two ends together.  To take it off, you press the button in the center and slide them apart in the opposite direction.  Because the ends are tapered there is not extra bulk on each end of the belt that you have to fold and force over when you are finished putting your gear on it.  The belt is still and holds my pouches and holster nicely and comfortably.  This duty belt is well thought out, built to last and is comfortable.

I believe I can rely on the Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit to help me Charlie Mike when the time comes.

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A father’s frustration.

A father’s frustration.


Early one morning in Gilbert, AZ I was preparing to enjoy watching my son play baseball with his league team. I had set out my chair under the awning, organized my snacks and icy cold drink, greeted the other parents and had just settled down. I was just starting to relax in my comfy deluxe extra padded folding chair. My beloved Wiley X sunglasses perched on top of my head. I had kicked my feet up against fence behind the pitching mound when I heard, “Mom, I need some sunglasses.” Now, my wife had just bought our son a new set of sunglasses specifically for baseball that week. As a parent, you may already see where the rest of this conversation is going.

The alarms have already started going off in my heard. A scene from “Lord of the Rings,” floods through my head, only Gollum is now holding my sunglasses instead of the One Ring. It all ends when my ever so Cool_Gollum_by_minni_manloving, supportive and understanding wife gives me “the look.” The resistance has failed. I speak somber and threatening, “Take care of them.” My son rips the glasses from my fingers, like taking the treasure key from cold dead grip of “One Eye Willie.”

Near the end of the game, my son decided to mess around and accidentally drops the glasses. They bounce off his glove then his hand as he fumbles to catch them landing on the rocky clay he then kicks the glasses as he is trying to pick them up. If it were not for my personal connection to the affair, it would have reminded me of a scene by the Lovable Tramp. However, all that was going through my mind was, “Noooooooo!” My son promptly returned the clay covered glasses to me with a smile and very sincere, “My bad”. “My bad?!” to me, my bad is just like saying, “oops, oh well, not my fault I’m offering an apology because I have too, not because I mean it.” It deflects blame and shirks responsibility. “My bad,” allows the causing person to feel better about the mayhem they have causes in someone’s life and not actually take any real responsibility. I carefully inspected the glasses to find several large scratches right in the middle of the left lens. When I told my son he had scratched my glasses, he kindly looked into my eye with the kind of deep connection that only a loving father and son can share. It was then I knew without a doubt the real heartfelt apology was going to be given. He looked straight up at me and said, “Well dad, it’s your fault for lending them to me”.   I was lost, my head was spinning, where was my son!? Now it was not the overpriced Wiley X sunglasses that I was angry about, material things can be replaced. It was the blatant lack of responsibility oozing from my son. When did my son become Justin Bieber?  Someone must have stolen my son and replaced his brain with this, this Justin Bieber/Paris Hilton inconsiderate intolerable mashup. I think my wife saw the murderous intent boiling up in me and skillfully changed the subject and directed my son away.

That was several years ago, my son understands now that when someone lends you something you are responsible for it and you take as good or better care of it than you do your own things. If it gets damaged of broken you immediately give a sincere apology and have it fixed or replaced.


Thanks for listening,


The Charlie Mike Project

The importance of eye protection and officer consideration.

The importance of eye protection and officer consideration.

bloodA quick word on eye protection for the uniformed police officer, corrections officer and military. I believe most officers understand the importance of wearing eye protection while at the range, when cleaning your weapon or working in the sun. However, what happens is that all too often, officers forget to protect their eyes while working their shift. Sure they wear cool sunglasses when the sun is up. But, what happens when the sun goes down? Those same officers take off their sunglasses and have nothing to protect their eyes at night.

neadleI am a user and strong advocate for eye protection during all shifts and hours. When making an arrest, chasing a suspect, etc. we are exposed to chemicals, blood and other hazards that can not only cause serious injury, but also be life threatening. What officer hasn’t wrestled with a bleeding suspect, only to find out later he has a history of drug use, Hepatitis or other communicable disease? Who hasn’t been spit on or found blood or other fluids on them? Consider this; our eyes are an easy avenue for Blood Born Pathogen (BBP) contamination. Your eyes contain mucus membranes through which you can contract a life threatening diseases or illness.

Provided courtesy of the CDC, “An exposure can be defined as a percutaneous injury (e.g., needlestick or cut with a sharp object) or contact of mucous membrane or nonintact skin (e.g., exposed skin that is chapped, abraded, or with dermatitis) with blood, saliva, tissue, or other body fluids that are potentially infectious.”

polls_spit_1931_307663_poll_xlarge“The hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), you should consider that all blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions except sweat, may contain transmissible infectious agents. Blood contains the greatest proportion of infectious bloodborne virus particle titers of all body fluids and is the most critical transmission vehicle in the health-care setting.”
Your eyes are an important tool and you should protect them from damage and injury. You wouldn’t go on shift without your vest or weapon. So please, wear eye protection at all times when on duty. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your family and loved ones.

If you want to learn more about the hazards of BBP exposure check out this site.

DG-ILS-BK-pThank you, Stay Safe Fellow Sheepdogs.


The Charlie Mike Project


ESS Crossbow Photochromic Sunglasses/Eye Protection

ESS Crossbow Photochromic Sunglasses/Eye Protection

imagesHNKX1ENQHello everyone thank you for checking out the Charlie Mike Project. Today will be reviewing the Crossbow Photochromic sunglasses by ESS. The ESS Crossbow Photochromic sunglasses are partial frame sunglasses. Full wrap around with rubberized temple. Interchangeable lenses with a black “ESS” logo.


Retail Price: $190. Replacement lenses $28 – $145. Rx Inserts are available.

I have had the Crossbow glasses since January 2015. They are comfortable but the bottom of the lens makes contact with my cheek. The temples are comfortable when worn with a hat, helmet and for short periods under hearing protection. The temples are not flat but are small enough to allow for a full seal with over the ear hearing protection. ESS states, the Crossbow exceeds U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-32432 & ANSI Z87.1-2010”. The Crossbow transitions quickly from clear to smoke and back again. 100% transition takes just about one minute.


The pair I tested came with a hard case, cleaning cloth, lens bag, retention strap and a set of Photochromic lenses. The Crossbow is designed for most head sizes and fit women well. On hot days when I’m sweating the glasses do not have a fogging issue.


The Crossbow Photochromic is a good choice for patrol or tactical situations. They transition quickly from clear to grey and do not become so dark that it is hard to see in low light situations while they are transitioning back. Crossbow Photochromic providing good protection from the sun and allow you to bring one set of glasses for the mission.


At $190 for a set of glasses that are pretty much limited to the range or work, I would consider other options. ESS makes several other sets of glasses that are much more affordable and come with more options. If the lens is damaged a replacement will cost almost as much as a whole new set. These are outstanding transition lenses and well worth the money, but at $190 there are other more affordable options available. If you must have them, buy them on sale or from a reputable retailer that is offering them at a discount.



  • 50% Activation at 11 seconds
  • 90% Activation in less than one minute
  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT) Range: 86%-24%